I just recently returned from our Partner Church in Malawi, Africa. Our partner church is Chirimba Church of Central Africa (Presbyterian) or Chirimba CCAP for short.

Pittsburgh Presbytery and the Synod of Blantyre have been partners in the Gospel for over 20 years. The partnership has been founded for mutual encouragement in Christ. One key component to the partnership has been exchanging ministers and members from Pittsburgh to Blantyre and vice-versa. The goal is that we each gain a more global perspective on how to live for Jesus.

I spent over two weeks in Africa with our partners and I will say that there is a lot we can learn from our African brothers and sisters in Christ. The church in Malawi is a live and growing, while our church is shrinking!

I will be praying that God will send some guidance through the Holy Spirit to help us stand firm in our faith.

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